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Who's Who: William Ames

Today's Who's Who:

~Ames, William

(1576--1633) Theologian. A student of William PERKINS at the University of Cambridge, Ames became known as an extreme Calvinist. After living in Colchester, where he was prevented from holding a parish by the Bishop of London, he settled in the Netherlands. There he was an observer at the Synod of Dort and was involved in the condemnation of Arminian theology. In 1622 he was appointed Professor of Theology at Franeker where he was regarded as one of the best theologians in Europe. His works include De Conscien tia eius Jure et Casibus (1632), which was an important contribution to Calvinist moral theology, and Medulla Theologiae, a systematic exposition of Protestant principles.

William Ames, Latin Works, edited by M. Nethenus 5 vols (1658) ; K.L. Sprungen, The Learned Doctor William Ames (1972).

Source: Who's Who in Christianity, Routledge
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