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Who's Who: Andrew

Today's Who's Who:


(first century) Saint and Apostle. Andrew was the brother of Simon PETER and he earned his living as a fisherman. In the Gospels, he is mentioned in connection with his call to discipleship, in the incident of the feeding of the five thousand, in the episode of the Greeks who wanted to see JESUS and as a listener to Jesus's prophecies about the End. According to EUSEBIUS OF CAESAREA's fourth-century history of the Church, Andrew was later a missionary in Scythia. An even later tradition has it that he was martyred at Patras in Archaia and he is supposed to have been crucified on a diagonal cross. He became the patron saint of Scotland because St Rule, in response to a dream, was supposed to have carried his relics from the place of martyrdom to a new burial spot in Fife.

F. Dvornik, The Idea of Apostolicity and the Legend of the Apostle Andrew (1958) ; P.M. Peterson, Andrew, Brother of Simon Peter (1958).

Source: Who's Who in Christianity, Routledge
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