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Cult of the Holy Foreskin

Courtesy of mlfoley:

Saint and Mystic Catherine of Siena had a vision wherein she received the Holy Foreskin from Christ - who cut it off of himself by his own hand - and gave it to her as a wedding ring to symbolise their marriage.

Saint Bridget of Sweden made claims that she received bits of Christ's foreskin on her tongue from an angel and that it tasted sweet, surpassing all other sweetness.

Agnes Blannbekin made a similar claim. According to one of her spiritual advisors, Agnes - a nun from Vienna - was touched very early on by Christ's suffering and bloodshed by undergoing the circumcision and used to weep openly on the subject. Her fascination with the circumcision continued and she began to wonder where exactly the Holy Foreskin was located at. Suddenly, she claimed, a small bit of skin appeared on her tongue, sweet to the taste. She swallowed it down and another bit of skin appeared on her tongue, and so on and so on for roughly 100 times. When she swallowed the foreskin, her entire body was filled with sweetness and joy and revelation was given to her that the foreskin was resurrected on the same day Jesus himself was resurrected.

I will freely admit that I've believed some crazy things in my life, but stuff like this makes me feel relatively normal. The whole history of relics in the Catholic Church is so bizarre that there were actually several churches which claimed to have the holy foreskin of Christ. For more info on the Cult of the Holy Foreskin, see the Wikipedia article Holy Prepuce.
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