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Who's Who: Fra Angelico

Today's Who's Who:
~Angelico, Fra

(1387--1455) Artist. Fra Angelico was born in Fiesole, Italy, and at the age of twenty-six he joined the Dominican Order. During the time of the Great Schism he was forced to move first to Foligno and then to Cortona. On his return, he painted the frescos in the Convent of St Marco in Florence and was responsible for the decoration of two chapels in the Vatican. His painting is notable for its luminous colour and his wonderful sense of composition. Besides his frescos, his well-known works include the Coronation of the Virgin, the Last Judgement and the Deposition from the Cross. He is thought to have been offered the Archbishopric of Florence, but to have refused it in order to dedicate himself to art.

J. Pope-Hennessy, Fra Angelico (1974).

Source: Who's Who in Christianity, Routledge
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