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Who's Who: Angela of Foligno

Today's Who's Who:

~Angela of Foligno

(c. 1248--1309) Mystic. Angela was born in Foligno, Italy, to a prominent family. After her husband and children died, she joined a Franciscan Tertiary Order and led a life of extreme austerity. She was the recipient of many visions which were recorded by her confessor, Brother Arnold. These were later circulated and published as the Liber Visionum et Instructionum. This has become a classic of Franciscan spirituality. Angela identified twenty steps of penitence through which she had passed before entering her mystical state -- the climax of which was the vision of herself in God.

Angela of Foligno, Liber Visionum et Instructionum, translated by M.G. Steegman (1909).

Source: Who's Who in Christianity, Routledge
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